• Happy 2019!

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Hey guys, welcome to my new blog! Thought it would make sense to write a hello post before we get into anything too deep… 😀

I had a very quiet start to the year.. first time spending NYE on my own with nothing else but a rhubarb gin- sad times! Although actually, I quite like having time to myself to daydream about all my wildest fantasies, including the one where I’m living in a house made entirely of chocolate.. just kidding. That’s not a bad idea though!

So anyways, I have spent the past few days thinking about what I would like to do or have this year.. nothing too materialistic, most of it involves building relationships with people, going on adventures in different places, and creating new products/services for my business. These are the things that are most important to me right now, and if I can do all of this whilst helping others too I’m going to feel pretty damn happy.

I’m also going to be a little more kinder to myself this year, no more beating myself up for things I haven’t done or achieved. In fact I am not setting myself any goals whatsoever, I’m just going to live each day more consciously and learn to listen to my instinct. I’ve spent years improving myself, and now I am at a point where I have decided that I’m actually doing okay.. and maybe being okay is good enough. So whenever that little voice pops into my head and tells me I am not enough, I will say back ‘I am worthy, I have always been worthy, and I will always be worthy!’

I really want this for you too, so let’s make 2019 the year where we all give a little more love, to all others in this world, and most importantly, to ourselves.

Much love,

Claire x

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