Remember Malted Milk?

The cows want it back!



I was recently browsing the biscuit aisle and I spotted a packet of very recognisable biscuits that brought back such big memories from childhood. Sweet little malty biscuits with a design that features a big cow and a little calf- they’re just so enjoyable to eat you know? They bring back such fond childhood memories for me, and I’m so glad these biscuits are still around now! Since I love creating sweet treats that are reminiscent of childhood, I just had to incorporate these cute little biscuits into a new cake. Since I was kind of going with a milk theme, I just had throw in a few of those milk bottle sweets too- do you remember them? Most of the ones you can get these days don’t have that white powdery dusting like you get on jelly babies, and so I was very happy to find some that do- for me that is partly what makes a milk bottle stand out from the crowd!




The result was deliciously moist vanilla cake, with Malted milk buttercream, and creamy milk chocolate swirls- what do you think? I absolutely loved creating this cake and it’s got my mind exploding with ideas about all the other cakes I could make using old school biscuits!



If you want to see how I did it, be sure to check out my little video above and give me a thumbs up if you like it!


What is your favourite biscuit from childhood?


Claire x





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