The BEST chocolate cake…

Helen's cake


...not that I like to brag or anything, it's just a personal favourite of mine! I made this one for my sister's birthday as I know she loves a good chocolate cake, and since I had total free range on this one, it meant I could decorate it in whatever way I wanted to- yippee! After a trip to the cinema to see the remake of Beauty and the Beast last week (which is pretty darn brilliant by the way) my sister said to me 'I'm really looking forward to birthday cake, it's one of the best parts of my birthday now.....pleeeeeeeease make me a cake!!'. Ermm no pressure then! What she said totally made my day though, the fact and she and many other people tell me that the cake is the best part of their birthday makes me beam from ear to ear- that's why I do this thing!


Helen's cake close up



I really wanted to show you the stages involved in decorating a cake such as this, and so I decided to film the whole thing for you to watch. The cake actually took 2-3 hours to decorate but I've condensed that into a 7 minute video- gotta love a time lapse! I had so much fun creating this one and I'm excited to share it with you. Needless to say, the birthday girl was very pleased and the cake soon got gobbled up- it never lasts very long in our family!



Got any questions? Don't forget to pop them in the comments below and I will happily answer them for you.


Until next time! :-)


Claire x



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